06 April 2008

i must know

to those of you who know my real age, please, don't give this away to the kind folks at home.

how old do i look? (and yes, these are my new bangs! i was having a little photo shoot.)

there is no right or wrong answer. i will give a hint and say that i do tend to look younger than i am and i've come to terms with that. even though i don't think i was very nice to the woman who thought i was in EIGHTH GRADE. but other than that, i'm open to your thoughts on my age.

if you could also explain why you think i look the age i do, that would be helpful.

and no, this isn't academic writing. i guess i do have a bit of the random still inside of me.

--edit: i'm 5'4", if that helps your decision at all. proceed.--


karel said...

it's a good thing you clarified that you are not in eighth grade because that's what i was going to guess.

haha not really. :p

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhh you did it!! i love it very sassy ma'am!

Elle said...

definitely older than before... I may even put you in your twenties now. I have to admit that I don't like this b/c I have not changed my appearance so now it may look like you are part of some bigbrother/big sister organization when we hangout.