01 February 2009

Despite your enthuasium, ma'am, I don't think we'll be chatting

I was greeted this morning to this message in my inbox.


Hi, Hi!!!, Hello, Hi dear, good day, how you?, how are you?

And the body:
How are you??
I found your profile on the dating site! You seemed to me a very interesting man!
Now I live in Russia, I am going to travel in the US!
I have no friends in the USA. I want to find a friend to fun spending time together!
I have everything ready for the trip!
If you are interested, please write to me at my email address: nastya088@gmail.com

Now at first, I thought this was a bit fishy because a) my email address isn't posted on any dating site. I'm not on dating sites anymore anyway. But then I looked closer. She's from Russia. SHE SHOULD KNOW THAT I'M A WOMAN! So not only is this some sort of ruse, but they aren't even from Mother Russia! That's just poor form.

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