31 January 2009

Another catchall, this time with good deeds!

Another bullet point post.

- One of my best friends EVA is Barb. We both worked at Starbucks in Boston and both left the city for grad school, though sadly to opposite sides of the country. She's funny and beautiful and smart and quick and super. She also has MS and each year, she walks in her area's MS walk. Because she is the amazing woman that she is, she always gets a ton of donations. You should do the same. Read her story and be moved here.

- Lauren, one of my roommates, was out of town for the past week. As much as Sam and I missed her, we took advantage of her absence to have an OBSCENE amount of cilantro. Seriously, four days in a row. Monday was curry and tilapia with... cilantro. Tuesday was edmame and rice paper wraps with orange cayenne chicken, carrots, radishes, and... cilantro. Wednesday, tofu and broccoli with soba noodles... with cilantro pesto. And Thursday, butternut squash coconut milk curried soup... with cilantro. YUM. SO. GOOD. I'm happy to have Lauren home but honestly, I love cilantro and would continue to eat it if we had any more in the house.

- If you are friends with me on the 'book, then you know that the past few days have been all about Mika. I know I'm late to the Mika loving, but man oh man, how I love that little suspender wearing Lebanenese American expat curly headed singer! AH! Here you go.

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