05 February 2009

For a total of 100

76. I have been cursed with two cold offices for my past two internships. No joke, FRIGID. Scarves. Coats. Fingerless gloves. But at least I like the work I do!

77. Until I went to school, I spoke mainly Spanish. I understood English but communicated mainly in Spanish.

78. Though this relates to the previous one, it deserves its own number. Once, when I was about 3 or 4, I ran out the room, holding my butt and screaming "Yo tengo poopy! Yo tengo poopy!". For the gringos in the reading audience, that literally translates to "I have poop! I have poop!".

79. When I was waiting around for my mom to finish shopping, I used to pretend that I had a limp and bumble around the store. Sometimes I added a dead arm or a blind eye.

80. I think candy hearts taste nasty but I still like them because they have writing on them.

81. When I got the IKEA catalogue growing up, I would give myself a budget to outfit my first apartment and would sketch the layout on graph paper.

82. I still wish on clocks- 12:34, 11:11, etc.

83. I need dead silence and dark to sleep but can nap in a moving car at the drop of a hat.

84. Sleeping in a car only comes quickly if I'm in the back. If I'm up front, I will be the best navigatrix you've had.

85. I once burned my finger on a hot plate that turned into a nasty blister because I refused to wait to eat to run my burn under water. It was a baked potato. And totally worth it.

86. I love garlic. I read a recipe that calls for 2 cloves of garlic and I will use 8. EIGHT. But no one complains, so it just goes to show that GARLIC IS GOODNESS.

87. When standing at concerts, I dance big to give me and my group more room. People avoid me because they don't want to get hit by my flailing limbs and because I look crazed.

88. If I had facial hair, I would play around with it SO MUCH. Think handlebar mustache and muttonchops.

89. I dream of having a Dyson. And I mean that literally. I've had dreams about using a Dyson.

90. I used to drink Diet Coke like it was my JOB. And then I've had sixteen cavities in the past five years, so I consciously avoid soda. And rinse with fluoride daily.

91. I like to have people guess my ethnic background because they never get it right on the first shot. I mainly get Greek or Jewish. I am (PROUDLY) Colombian and Irish.

92. The best story regarding my identity? When I had to break up a fight between two third graders at my after school program who were screaming at each other "Ms. Tatiana's Dominican!" and "NO! Ms. Tatiana's Pureto Rican!". They were very sad when I told them I was neither.

93. While I can deal with hand to hand violence on screen, any sort of weapon FREAKS. ME. OUT.

94. I am super skittish. As in if Sam, my teeny tiny roommate, sneezes next to me, I jump. Or if she turns on the light, I jump.

95. Back in college, I once organized my AIM list into guys I had made out with, guys I wanted to make out with, and guys that I hope to never, ever make out with.

96. My feet peel at every change of the season but worst is spring to summer. I have pulled off sheets from the bottom of my feet.

97. I used to clip clothes pin to random parts of my face, arms, and hands to see how far my skin would stretch and how much pain I could take.

98. During high school, I put cream cheese on lunch meat and rolled it up, like a little hot dog shaped salt lick of love.

99. If I have more than 5-6 emails in my inbox, I get antsy.

100. I tell people that Shakira is my cousin and while that isn't exactly true, her first boyfriend is my mom's cousin's brother-in-law.

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