04 February 2009

And 25 more!

Whew, just when you thought I was done.

51. I see food best by dates as suggestions. Loose suggestions. I eat questionable food all the time and have a stronger stomach for it.

52. The toilets at my ocean conservancy non-profit flush when you think about maybe possibly standing up. Wastes a lot of water, ironically. This means that I'm super slow and cautious because I'm afraid of getting some unwanted bidet action. But not just at the office. On all toilets. Awesome.

53. I have a large freckle on my scalp. All of my siblings who have the same mom as me have one too.

54. I get panic attacks on planes.

55. I'm allergic to cats but have lived with 8 over the course of my life.

56. I STILL have delusions of being an actress one day.

57. I want more than one gas fireplace in my grownup house.

58. I can not wait- CAN NOT WAIT- until I have silver/white hair.

59. I have a million places I want to travel but most of the time on vacation, I want to sit on the beach and have drinks.

60. I hate it when my cellphone is all slimey with my face grease.

61. I miss wearing my kilt everyday.

62. I buy foam inserts for almost all my shoes. Cushy.

63. I have an inordinate amount of Restoration Hardware merchandise because my mom works there. My favorites: black out curtains and all the blankets.

64. I force people to be my friends by inviting myself along to outings, sharing way too much personal information, and telling other people that we are friends.

65. In any group of 5-6 people that I force to befriend me, most become acquaintances and 1-2 stick and become really really close.

66. I tend to wear solid color clothes rather than patterns because I want the largest amount of things to match. Exception: socks and underwear. Because you can't see them.

67. I get stress stomach. When I'm upset, I can't eat. It kinda blows because I LOVE food, but hey, when I get sad, I get skinny. Silver lining.

68. Corndogs!

69. I will tell you if you have something in your teeth because I want you to do the same for me.

70. I want to get Invislign to fix my front teeth but it is expensive, so once I save up, I'm probably going to take a hit to my vanity and get a RETAINER.

71. I'm proud of my old school FIRST GENERATION iPod nano. Sure, I lust after the new technology but I also like my thriftiness and will power from not buying the shiny loveliness.

72. It makes me so unhappy when you go in for a first kiss with someone and it is BAD.

73. I've had a lot of blogs. My first one was called Star's Hallow (yes, like Gilmore Girls) while I was studying abrod in Australia 6 years ago. When I got back for my senior year, I started Boring the Betta, which I named after my freshmen year fish.

74. During the months of November and December, I rarely went more than 4 days without having a burrito bol from Chipotle. I didn't have a single one for the entire month of January. I broke down and celebrated my will power with a glorious, glorious mound of beans, cheese, rice, and love on Monday.

75. If you sing "5-8-8", I will be compeled to sing "2-3 hundred EMMMPIRE. Today." a la Roger Rabbit.

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