20 February 2009

Brisbane, here I come!

It has happened! My mom got my tickets today and I will be heading over to Australia in just under 6 weeks.* AH! I need to start making so many lists. What to bring, how much to save, how to make up extra hours at my internship, and perhaps most importantly, what to do while I'm there.

Now, even though I studied abroad in Australia six years ago, my little sister whom I'm going to visit is studying in a different city. So, thoughts on what to do in Brisbane/Surfer's Paradise? I guess it is a bit more obvious in the second case, but other than a few museums to check out, I don't really know much of what else to do in Brisbane. If you've been or had friends lucky enough to visit, let me know what you think I should do.

I'm sorry this is such a lackluster post on what is supposed to be an exciting topic. How about:


There, that's a bit better.

*Thanks, Mom! I don't know when I'll be done thanking her for this great opportunity. And even though I don't think she reads this, it is always good karma to put it out there.

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