17 February 2009

Heading to the other side

So those of you who know me on the 'book or talk to me in real life already know this, but in March/April, I'm heading to AUSTRALIA to visit my little sister!

Isn't she cute? I'm super excited. I haven't been to Australia since I studied abroad there myself six years ago. And I haven't been out of the country since Peru last year.

I guess that can come off sounding a bit like a brat- omg, it has been, like forever, since I've been ANYWHERE?! But I grew up traveling, and living, abroad and I do really think that it is a major part of my life, my connections to other countries. While in Australia, I will be looking for jobs and trying to set up informational interviews, not because I necessarily think that finding a job there will be easier but I certainly won't get one if I don't try.

I also recently applied to a job that is mainly administrative, which I can do and well, but what I'm most excited about is the international aspect of the program I would be supporting. As much as I love DC and the Maryland area (you know I do!), the prospect of getting to do something international is something to keep me going through my last semester.

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