23 February 2009


On Saturday night, I headed into the city with Lauren and Sam for Steph's birthday, a friend of Lauren's from college. It was full of dip and sparkling wine, a sharp contrast as to where my night would end up (Miller Lite and car bombs). Lounging in the apt, I found myself bouncing in my seat and singing along under my breath. It was all pop songs, wonderful, danceable pop songs. And I had to ask- how did you make this wonderful mix?

Of course, no one makes mixes anymore- there is Pandora. Now I totally love Pandora, but I there is something about a carefully sculpted playlist for a party that is dying. I'm totally guilty of this (I'm listening to the Disturbia station that was the fun party music) but they next time I have a party, I may go the way of selecting my songs to play in a certain order. And have no one care because they are eating hot dogs and drinking bears. I mean, beers.

Though I can see how drinking bears would be more captivating then my carefully selected musical accompaiments.

PS. The intial intent of this post was how I should not listen to fun poppy music while I'm trying to get to sleep because twitching in time to music is not conducive to a restful state. And while I still believe that is true, I am apparently mourning the lost art of mixes and playlists on a deeper level.

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