02 February 2009

25 More

I always love going through those 100 about me lists that you see on blogs, but have always been daunted by doing it all in one sitting. After doing 25 things on FB, I figured I could do it in four installments. Here's the second.

26. I read magazines while I brush my teeth. This often results in many splattered copies of Oprah and Smithsonian.

27. To avoid hair tangles, I sleep in pig tails every night.

28. I've had glasses since I was seven years old and have had six pairs over the years. I always think that they current ones are the best.

29. I try in vain to be a hat person. I own hats. They are cute. Sadly, not on me. I should realize this and give them away.

30. I have dozens and dozens of children's books at my parents' house that I won't let them get rid of. Because they are MINE but I don't have room for them in my current place.

31. I get very excited about things/people that are connected to me. And by excited, I mean I VERY. ENTHUSIASTIC. Main points of YEAH: Maryland, Haverford, my name. Also, you will know we are friends when I get excited about things connected to you that have nothing to do with me.

32. Junior year in college, I got ringworm from a new kitten at home. I showed it to two friends during class and they both screamed at the same time. We named it Charlie.

33. One major thing I've inherited from my parents: the urge to write letters to fix issues with the system. Put it in writing!

34. Did you ever play that game in middle school where you wrote out the name of your crush and then your name and then crossed off letters that you had in common? And the number of letters left over meant something? Yeah, I still do that. Not only with crushes, but also with random important figures.

35. Speaking of middle school games, I still make cootie catchers.

36. If we are friends on Facebook and I'm able, I've looked at all your pictures. Not even kidding. Every single one. It bothers me when people aren't tagged in FB photos.

37. I take great pride in being on planning committees. Always have.

38. I listen to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on my iPod and laugh in public.

39. I like to make Venn diagrams of situations in my head. And I like it when I'm in the shady bit.

40. I saved my wisdom teeth. They are wrapped in foil and HUGE.

41. High on my list of favorite feelings: clean sheet day. Bonus: shaved legs. HEAVEN.

42. I don't own many fancy pants. Haha. No seriously, it is all jeans and maybe one pair of khakis. So when I need to be professional, it is a dress or a skirt.

43. I'm deathly afraid of being a hunchbacked old woman. Especially since I'm already a bit of a hunchbacked young woman.

44. I love reference books. Atlases. Dictionaries. Books of facts. Mmmm.

45. Once, when I told a guy that I liked him and he responded that he didn't like me "like that" and that "we could be friends", I responded: "No, I don't think so. I have enough friends. I don't have time for you if we are not making out."

46. I love old timey expressions of exclamation like egads, zooks, oopsy daisy, etc. Also, random exclamations a la Ron Burgandy, like Odin's raven!

47. I love people's secrets. I can't help it, I just really do. You can make anything that much more interesting by following it with "but you can't tell!".

48. That being said, I keep secrets well. I mean, others' secrets. My own just fly right out of my mouth.

49. I have to dress carefully when I'm going to be playing any sort of game because I will get over excited and sweat profusely. Every time. Without fail. This is why I own a lot of black.

50. I secretly like you a bit better if we share an initial. Though I guess that isn't really a secret anymore.

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