02 January 2009


So, I've been meaning to do a year in review post but I'm old and it takes me so much LONGER to recover from fun times. And we all know New Year's Eve is all about the fun times.

So instead of an enlightening meme, covering the year, I figured I would share some of the things that come up when you google my name.

For starters, this blog. Which, um, I don't really like. Not that I'm ashamed with anything here but still, I don't know if future employers need to know about my shoe purchases. And how I take my own picture in the mirror.

What seems like a fantastic movie and something I should heed in my real life: Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana

My thesis. Which is slightly NSFW, if your work isn't hip to sex education. If you really want to read it, you can just google my name and thesis. And um, click on Boners and Twats. Because even though you can get to my blog through my full name, I'm not really in the mood to start using my full name here.

That being said, my full name- you would love it. It is awesome.

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