29 January 2009

Odds and Ends

Each of these deserves its own post, but I went to Haverford happy hour tonight and have a slight headache (but I won a Class of 2012 water bottle!), so you'll forgive me if the post is a bit lack luster.

- OMG Old Navy is having a crazy online sale! I usually delete all the emails they send me automatically, but boy howdy, am I glad I saved this one. Through 2 February (that's only until MONDAY!), you get half off all clearance items. Promo code: HALFOFF

Soon to be mine: ALL OF IT.

- I got the most adorable business cards from Moo and I'm kinda in love. They also love me and passed along this code to me to share with my friends (read: you!). If you've never ordered from them before, use the code HHM65P and get 20% off one product. Oh and I get entered to win a FREE Flickr Pro account. No big.

- I'm graduating in May- I may have talked about this once or fifty million times- so the job search is hanging over my head. But my question to you: should I also apply to paid summer internships? Pros: paid, in my field, some include housing. Cons: only for the summer, some are full time and I would have to give up my sweet gig at Oceana. Discuss.

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