16 January 2009

A newish me

So I got my haircut again today. Something I probably shouldn't have done, given my desire to save money. But it has been about 3.5 months since I got it cut and I was in need of a change.
Perhaps the change was bigger than I imagined. Because everyone is saying that it doesn't look like me. And the following that up with "It looks so good!!". And I'm all like "But you just said it doesn't look like me!"
And then there is an awkward silence.
I do feel that I look much hipper than I am in actuality. Hence the photos of me posing like... well, like a poser.
We'll see how it looks when it is curly- the bangs will still be straight- but for now, I'm delighting in the novelty.
And looking like an asshole while doing it.


daintee said...

i think it's cute! i want to grow my hair out just like this ... but i'm not doing too good considering tonight i took the kitchen scissors to my bangs ... whoops. i just couldn't take it anymore either, lol.

tatiana said...

Thanks! I've actually fallen to the lure of scissors already and trimmed up some extra bangs.

So happy to see you back posting again! Must go take a look :)