27 January 2009


So, I got an email about two weeks back, alerting me to the fact that I could take the Jeopardy! online test tonight at 8pm. To say that I was excited would be putting it lightly. In the past, the way it worked was you sent in a postcard and you would be randomly picked to come in and take the test. But now, you get to take the online test... and then you are randomly picked to come in for an interview.

The 50 questions were over in less than 10 minutes and I was left kinda like "That was it?!" I wanted more! I changed into my "Suck it, Trebek!" shirt and everything. And while it was fun to sit there and frantically remember who composed "Four Seasons" (answer: Vivaldi), overall, it was a lot of build up for not that much.

Perhaps a bit like this post.

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