04 November 2009

Where is Tatiana and who is the sports fiend who took over her blog?

Right? I don't know myself... and I kinda like it.

It is the World Series, so that's something I generally like watching, but I'm caring more than I normally would. I'm exhausted but I've got Game 6 on right now. And it is depressing.

I was also at the Wizards- Heat game earlier tonight. Me. At a professional sporting event. And I didn't even have a hot dog! It was fun but I only stayed for the first half because of aforementioned tiredness... and aforementioned baseball game.

Maybe I'm augmenting my "like it and have something to talk to with guys" thing from Magic the Gathering (thanks, first boyfriend, for teaching me a game that I continue to bring up on first dates to this day) to sports. I already have the Orioles (painful as that may be), apparently I like the Wizards well enough (though I do like Dwanye Wade- Go Heat!) but football - I've got no clue. Redskins are doing shitty, so I guess... Ravens? But that just doesn't feel right. Eagles? I like their colors and I went to school there. Eh, I guess Ravens... for now.

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