10 November 2009

Thought Upon Having First Lollipop in Years

I wonder how many Tootsie Roll Pop Wrappers I saved with that American Indian?
Seriously, I think I had dozens of these. DOZENS. And for what? I can't even remember.

Can anyone remind me?


Maggie's Farm said...

I seem to recall a myth that the company would send you a free lollipop? It seems absurd now, but at the time it made perfect sense.

Wikipedia says:

"At some point, a rumor began that the lollipop wrappers which bore three unbroken circles were redeemable for free candy or even free items like shirts and other items. The rumor was untrue, but some shops have honored the wrapper offer over the years, allowing people to "win" a free pop.

A similar rumor has been floating around since the 1930s, that wrappers with the "Indian star" (a Native American aiming a bow and arrow with a star in front) were redeemable for free candy. Also, another legend is that the Native American aiming a bow and arrow with a star in front is that it gives you good luck for the rest of the day.

Some stores redeemed sucker wrappers with the Native American aiming a bow for a free sucker. This is really not being challenged as many can remember getting free suckers in that instance. This was clearly up to the store owner, and not driven by the sucker manufacturer."

I'm now officially curious about other food related urban legends...

Maggie's Farm said...

Also, I now have the song from the Tootsie Roll commercials stuck in my head. Once Angela and I watched the commercial over and over on youtube to figure out the lyrics.

tatiana said...

Ugh I wrote a whole thing about licking tootise pops and cutting my tonuge but then it didn't post and now I'm tired. Blerg.