18 November 2009

I'm such a whiner

Here's the pic I brought in.

And here's me!
Oh the drama over a hair cut!

I haven't tried Samy Big Curls curl defining creme yet, but am tres excited and if it doesn't work out, eh, $4 down the tubes. If it is the bees knees, you know I'll be telling everyone about it.

Other things featured in my vlog (barf, did I just use that word?):

- Conair Infiniti: Pretty nice hair dryer, but I only dry my bangs, so it doesn't get a whole lot of abuse. Does its job adequately.

- Conair Ultra Slim Ceramic Flat Iron: nothing too fancy here, but again, only for bangs, so does its job well enough for me.

Will comment on other products once I've used them. Addendum to video: already tried air difuser on for size and of course, doesn't fit. Lies, I tell you, lies! But hopefully this is a temporary set back.



karel said...

oh, you're so cute! i giggled a lot. so did brian. brian would also like to tell you that he hasn't farted for an hour. THAT IS QUITE AN ACCOMPLISHMENT LATELY.

i miss you!!!!!

ps my word verification is 'dineurin.' DINE... URINE?!? blogger, you dirty cad.

tatiana said...

Maybe Brian should get his belly checked out. I mean, sometimes I play the butt trumpet with the best of them, but farting that often sounds problematic.

Glad I could put a smile on your face :)

Are y'all coming back east for the holidays?

JustAnne. said...

Ah. I know EXACTLY how you feel. When I recently got my rockstar hair cut that required me to use a straightener, I also found that I had to upgrade all of my earrings. They no longer fit into my 'look'.