06 November 2009

RIP, Levi-Strauss

He was the source of so many of my college readings. And I never stopped giggling when his name came up.

Levi! Like the jeans!

I shall continue to chuckle, my good man.

Also, I thought you were already dead. Sorry about that.


Maggie's Farm said...

We really are the same person. I, too, thought he was already dead. And of course, I read so many things by him and about him. Go anthro.

When I read that he died at the age of 100 I declared that to be the perfect age to die at. Such a nice round number. Here's hoping I don't croak at 99, I would be eternally disappointed in myself.

karel said...

those last two lines basically sum up why i love you, and why you cannot be replaced in my life. EVER.

tatiana said...

@Maggie- Seriously though, don't you remember profs talking about his as the father of modern anthro in revered tones like he was no longer with us? I too agree it would be awesome to hit the century mark.

@Karel= no worries, m'lday. Don't think I could change if I tried and don't think you could get rid of me if you wanted to :)