17 November 2009

Second Thoughts

I'm sure you are tired of me talking about both a) yoga and b) my hair, so... I'm only going to talk about one of them in this post! BULLY FOR YOU!

So, of course, I have a great hair day right before the day I'm supposed to cut it all off. And I'm having second thoughts. What if I have mom hair? What if it gets way too curly for its own good and eats my face in the middle of the night? Because that has been totally known to happen when hair gets curly. Oh the humanity!

Waving good bye to my youthful and non-mom hair length.

Oh look! It is my friend, Juliet! Hi, Juliet! We had our six year friend-aversery this summer (what up, nerd caamp!). She would like to tell you that she doesn't have a butt chin, that is a scratch. In the interest of full disclosure, it was a pimple that she popped that became a scab that she then hit with her blowdryer. You can see why we are friends.

Anyway, the hair.

I hope it isn't hideous. Will post pics tomorrow of (hopefully) infertile hair. Of course, it will be straight, so won't be much of an indicator anyway.

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