31 October 2007

weekly stumble

sorry to be a little late. this crazy thing called school and paper writing kinda came up. i promise that it will happen again. so, without further ado, my weekly stumble is

bald guy greetings

i have to say that i've never actually bought any of these cards because my card buying habits leave much to be desired. they are usually belated in nature and while i try to find funny/thoughtful ones, 9 times out of 10, i buy blank ones and put my own funny/thoughtful comments in.


these cards rock.

instead of those cards that show really attractive people saying really sweet things, they are illustrated with realistic looking people* and convey what is often on your mind.

for example:


but my personal fav is

look through the site, giggle a little, and buy some cards. if i hadn't just bought 32 blank cards from target (for $4.20!), i might be tempted too.

*let's be honest, some of the drawings make you feel more attractive.

1 comment:

Ian said...

Hey there,

Thanks for the kind words about our cards. Glad you like them.

And thanks for writing about us.

Now get your act together and start buying cards in advance...like ours.

Without hair,
Ian Kalman
Bald Guy Greetings