23 October 2007

can we say procrastinate? i can but i'm not sure i can spell it.

so, i should be reading. and i promise you that i soon will be. but i think i know what my weekly thing will be.

my favorite stumbleupon for the week :)

wise man first showed me this nifty little time waster and boy howdy, do i love it. it has led me to many of the blogs i read (see to your left) but i will leave those out of this area here. you can explore those on your own.

i don't really want to explain it because a) you might have heard of it and you will laugh at my simplistic definition and/or b) you don't care. if you do, go here.

so my first weekly stumble is:

the melancholy subject matter of unrequited love is tempered by the fact that none of the people have arms and never walk on the ground but float around. oh and sometimes there are naked boobs. though at first, i thought they were carrying muffins or cupcakes.

you can go all the way back to the beginning to get a full taste of the series, but basically it is an artist who is deeply in love with his muse. she has a boyfriend and doesn't want him but also doesn't like it when he dates other women. it is a little twisted. and sad. but funny too, especially because of the no arms. hence the title.

some favs:
bored heart

ideal girlfriend

n word


how it ought to be

added bonus: it is belgian so you'll feel that much cooler. because everything euro is cool.


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Jeroen said...

Hey, thanks for the compliments, Tatiana ;-)

The remark about the cupcakes was REALLY funny!

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