17 October 2007

so, a bit of an intro...

well, for those of you who know me- and i'm assuming that's most readers- this section will prove a tad boring. unless you want a bio, than you will find it super interesting. to the others- i thought some context would be nice.

hi. my name is tatiana. i grew up in maryland and was not particularly proud of this fact until i left it and then oh boy, did i grow some pride. official state sport? jousting. official state TEAM sport? lacrosse. bird? oriole. flower? black eyed susan. song? 'o maryland' sung to the tune of 'o christmas tree'. and don't get me started on other md trivia. seriously, don't.

so the point is that i grew up maryland, with a year of rearing in england. that's where i picked up my thing for henry VIII's wives- really just the first two, but again, don't get me started.

high school for me was spent at an all girls catholic institution on the outskirts of dc. from there, i went to a marvelous small quaker college outside of philly. from there, i spent three years living around boston. i tend to inhabit the edges of major east coast cities.

i am now back at home. as in living at home. with some of my younger siblings and my parents. i go to school IN a city, where i'm learning how to make museums. i like museums. classes gives me headaches. or it could be the lack of water.

in further posts, i will lavish you all with tales of my childhood and young adult life- what it is like to grow up the four younger sisters and two baby brothers, an immigrant mother, huge hair, and choreographed dances to wilson phillips. i'll tell stories as the come to me but if you want a story focusing on a particular era of my life, please, ask. i just may care enough to listen.

or i may abandon the story telling jaunt and just amuse you with my wit and candor. this is my blog so it is pretty much my show. one thing i can promise you is that i will eventually have some sort of weekly feature- on what, i'm not entirely sure.

ps. labeling posts is my new favorite thing. ever.

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