28 October 2007

go soxs!

woohoo boston won! though i grew up in maryland and am at heart an orioles fan, i've always hated the yankees so it was easy to become a red soxs fan when i was in boston. so while i'm pleased as punch that they won tonight, i'm also a little down in the mouth that i can't be at the riot. getting texts from the riot does help (thanks, wise man!) but i do wish i could be with the rest of boston, being really really insanely happy.


Karen said...

I just saw your message that you are blogging. Very nice!

Me, I'm use to riots since I lived in Columbus with crazy OSU fans. We get to see cars being flipped and couches on fire to indicate a win (or loss) all the time.

I miss you tons! Hope you are well!!!!!!

moosh in indy. said...

and really really insanely drunk...don't forget that part.
Baseball fans and beer.
Like Cheese on Mac.