09 October 2008

Thanks, Ed

"Hey Breakup Baker-

I saw your Bakeup flyer on a lamp post early Monday morning and I wanted to write you a note to say it brought a true smile to my face. (I'm sorry I missed the Bakeup itself, too.) I'm a habitual driver to work, but my beloved car, which I have had forever, finally broke down Monday as I was trying to get to work- her second transmission virtually exploded on me @ 195,000 miles- forcing me to be a "man of the people" and metro in. I was bummed about that and in a bad mood when you note popped into my line of sight. So, thanks for brightening my morose morning; I hope your culinary catharsis over the weekend worked for you. Take care and keep your chin up.

- Ed the Ambler"

a real note that I got today. Just when I'm feeling down in the dumps re: life (dramatic, no?), my friends throw me a bake sale and random strangers are sending me notes saying I brought them a smile to their day.

Bake sales will save the world.

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