30 September 2008

who is newly shorn?

ME! yes, i have been long over due for a hair cut. i haven't had one since i first got bangs back in... march? april? a long time ago. and an update and freshness were much needed.

so shy, aren't i?
my best sarah palin. imagine a gun in my hands and russia outside those windows.
senior photo. KIT!

so, it is still pretty long, though i'm actually a bit nervous about the length since it will shorten a great deal when curly. the bangs are MUCH better in that they are real bangs and not just hastily cut chops of hair (sorry aveda but bang did a much better job with my bangs. oh snap.) i love my hair when it is like this- professionally blow dried, silky smooth, and tangle free. i can run my hands through it. you straight haired ladies don't know how big of deal this is. even on my hair's best days in its natural state, it is still a nest. right now, i feel very dignified.
class of '09, ready to take on the world!

will be sure to post the curly everyday version when i eventually wash my hair. which might be never.


Maggie's Farm said...

Oh hurray! It looks fab, and I am so glad you had a good experience at bang.
More bang for your buck, eh? (terrible, I know, I can't resist the pun)
Ok, back to making my grocery list while sitting at HSW.

Anonymous said...

yayy! i LOVE it! and i can't wait to see how long you go without washing it...this could get dirtyyyy haha

Jeb said...

Well, don't you look pretty!

tatiana said...

Thanks, y'all! I keep on meaning to post a curly pic, but you know what it will be like- CURLS LIKE WHOA!