22 September 2008

the thrill!

- BOSSY commented on my blog! i still can't get over the fact that blogs that i read- and that thousands of others read too- might stop by here every once in awhile and take a gander. me!? little old me! SWOON.

- i got my learner's permit! that's right, i no longer need to carry around my passport for ID. no more being able to leave the country RIGHT THEN. now, i need to stop by my home to grab all pertinent documents.

but obviously the bigger deal is that i'm on my way to get my license. i've never had one. i don't think that i'll ever be a very good driver (old dogs, new tricks deal) but not being able to drive at 25 is probably something i shouldn't be proud of. of course, i don't have a car so i'm not entirely sure how i'll be able to get in all the practice i need to pass my road test, but as i can't do that for at least another month, i'm not too worried. i'll find a way. and then i will be a licensed driver who never drives and is terrified of the road. yippie!


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