15 September 2008

it has returned!

so, for the past week or so, i've had no appetite. none. no urge to eat or refuel or anything. when i get stressed out, i lose all ability to eat but i'm not particularly stressed. this time of year is always hardest on me- getting into the swing of a new schedule- but nothing harder than normal. and yet, last monday, i just didn't want to eat.

usually when i get a stress stomach, it is because the mere thought of eating makes me ill. i'm so upset about life that i make myself sick and am constantly nauseous. this time around, i felt fine- better than fine some days- but just no. hunger. i still forced myself (and was forced) to eat and i could enjoy the taste of food but the enter time i was eating, i was like "yeah this tastes good, but i feel totally full."

this continued through the entire week and weekend, and i thought i would snap out of it (i mean, you can tell by my title that i did). but it continued. and even though i don't have a scale, i lost 2-4 pounds. not the best way to do it, but hey, nice perk, huh?

but then i went to dinner at my friend's house. and there was a multi layer dip. and suddenly, i think i ate any weight loss in about 30 minutes.

what can i say, dip makes me week.


karel said...


BOSSY said...

Bossy loves dip. Any kind of dip. Except for skinny dip(ping.)

Elle said...

I am commenting for the sole reason of being able to say that my comment was next to BOSSY's comment. MISS YOU!