25 September 2008

all things museum and saturday in nature

so, in case you are not aware, i am currently in graduate school for museum studies. it would be safe to say that i enjoy them. now, because i generally spend a good deal of time in museums (historic houses, archives, etc.) during the work week, i don't usually go to them on the weekend.

but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't.

this saturday is museum day 2008 and at hundreds of participating museums across the country, you can get in for free just by presenting an admissions card, available here.

if you want to go somewhere that's free anyway, check out the opening of the smithsonian's national museum of natural history's new sant ocean hall. there is a full day of activities.

(click to enlarge)

thus ends my museum plug for this saturday. i promise to get back to more exciting things like my appetite! new clothes! yay!

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