15 May 2008

so little time

so, it seems like i was just finishing up with school... oh wait, because i did just finish LAST WEEK! but i've already got my reading list for my intensive two week archeology class. if you think the posts have been suffering lately, don't hold out any hope for the end of may- in the course of two weeks, i will read three books, many articles, keep a log of all my excavating, take an exam, and plan and carryout a public excavation day.

and then i have one day of rest before i start my new internship and job.


not only that, i have this staring at me all day:
waiting on my night stand are two copies each of O, Museum, and Smithsonian. and one copy of exhibitionist- which i love in so many ways. the 12 year old boy in my titters because of the name but the master's student in me is all agog over the exhibits featured because it is a museum magazine, not a nude one.

jeez, get your mind out of the gutter.

besides, i keep my flesh mags in the powder room.

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