31 May 2008

boy oh boy

ok, so i'm going to say it firmly- blog365 is so over for me right now. i could have made up peru, my slacking during finals, but the past two weeks on top of that?

yeah, that isn't going to happen.

because since the last time we've talked, i've kept busy with:
- earning 3 credits in 2 weeks through archeology field school. i spent most of the time digging up at shuter's hill from 9a-4p and the other days in the lab. the days were mad long, the work got a bit dull towards the end, but overall, i had a simply fantastic time. i loved one of my profs so much, pretty much how campers get attached to camp counselors. she loves big love! how could we not be friends? le sigh, i'll miss fran.

- visiting karel and alice in nj/nyc before alice headed out to ethiopia for the summer and karel moves to portland for forever. we had yummy sushi with horrible service at teak and managed to not pass out at the coney island sideshow. it was the best possible way to spend a weekend, for serious.

- finally saw baby mama. yes, it was predictable but i love tina and amy, so really, i knew i was going to enjoy it no matter what. and i'm going to see sex and the city tomorrow!

so, for the next five weeks, i just have my internship for three days a week and working two days a week! then, for six weeks, i have class two nights a week. what a summer! i'll still be posting, but not every day.

whew, good bye self imposed pressure!

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