15 May 2011

What My Clothes Say... and What I Wish They Did

Because of my expanded waistline, a large amount of my clothes don't fit or are uncomfortably tight. Fun! So, I've been thinking a lot about my wardrobe, what it says about it, and what I wish it would say.

I'm back in some fat jeans that I saved from my bigger time in Boston and a fair number of my nicer tops are too small, so I'm in older jeans and t-shirts. Combine that with increasing humidity of impending summer and my hair is fizzy and unmanageable. All in all, I'm looking - and feeling - less than stellar.

But this is not a sob story! No! Instead, I'm trying to look at this frumpy clothing situation as a way to revamp my wardrobe and recharge myself. This will either happen before Australia, or more likely, during my trip before my boyfriend joins me.

Clothing I'm interested in - flowy tops that hit past my hips, skinny jeans that fit, comfortable but sky high heels. Maxi dresses with short sleeves. Sundresses in simple, bright colors. Tissue thin cardigans. I already got my long lusted after Hunter boots. New glasses. New bathing suit - ideally black one piece tube top with a halter top.

Shopping friends - any ideas where I can find these sort of fun stuff? I'm a bit tired of my current wardrobe, so any help/guidance would be appreciated!

PS. Sorry, I'm posting this a day late, but yesterday was CRAZY sauce: roller derby championship, graduation party, and show at Black Cat, were I got kicked in the face twice and had a panic attack. Fun.


karel said...

have i told you about ruche? it's like a cheaper anthropologie. (but not super cheap.) they have some really cute stuff, flowy like you want, and awesome shoes. http://shopruche.com :)

miss you! mwamwamwa

Maggie said...

Nana! For flowy tops and thin cardis for sure!

tatiana said...

Ladies! Thanks for the recs :)