09 May 2011

Healthier Me: Starting Again

So, here we go! Oversharer me on the topic that a lot of folks don't like to overshare about but, let's be honest - folks are always interested in the personal details of weight loss. I give the people what they want!

I know that weight isn't the only or even best way to measure health but until I get my hands on some callipers, it is what I've got going for me. I'll track my weight here each week and try to hold myself to weighing myself only once a week.

My weight loss theory goes something like this: I can either be skinny and sad or fat and happy. When I'm in a good place in my life - work is going well, hanging out with friends, have a gentleman caller - I tend to do more celebratory things. And celebrations for me always include drinks and food, usually beer or champagne and bacon or cheeseburgers. When I don't have these things in my life, I fill in time with a) not eating or just eat one potato a day (literally) and b) working out 5 times a week. Woman of extremes, what can I say. So I find it particularly hard to be in balance: be happy with external things in my life and yet find the time to take care of myself.

One way I've done this is to sign up for a small group training class. Yes, it is an additional cost on top of my monthly gym fee but if my health isn't worth an extra $25 a week (aka a small night out) than perhaps I need to reassess my priorities. Added benefit of paying extra dollars to go to the gym: it forces me to go the gym more during non-class times, too.

So that's where I am right now: huffing through class once a week, trying to hit the gym at least two other times and in general, attempting to eating better. For me, this translates to vegetarian before dinner and then, healthy dinner with protein.

For example, here's what I had last night.

Italian wedding soup (adapted from Smitten Kitchen) and salad with tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, orange peppers, and homemade vinaigrette, inspired by Jacque and Julia Cooking at Home.

Horrible picture but terrifically tasty. And filling, even though there isn't really any starch involved (which I love. love, love, love.).

Current weight: 164 lbs
Target weight: 135 lbs
To lose: 29 lbs!

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