07 May 2011

Back from the Dead: A Melodramatic Return to Blogging

So, even though I do a great deal of writing for my 9 to 5 (read: actually more like 9:30 - 6. 6:30 plus), I find that I've been mentally writing blog posts recently. As if I'm not spending enough time in front of a computer screen, my brain is driving me to bring out my trusty 2006 MacBook and prop it up on my knees while I watch back episodes of Bones.

I've decided to ease back into the online world. Huzzah! And because I'm a three year old and deal well with boundaries and limited choice, I've decided to (try to) stick to a strict posting schedule and themes.

Tuesday: progress on my quest to be a healthier me - workout stuff, weight loss goal updates, food I'm eating, ways I'm motivating myself to get off my bum.

Thursdays: media that I've enjoyed or currently enjoying - movies, books, TV shows, music, viral videos, etc.

Saturday: pretty things I like - clothes, design, favorite outfits through the week.

I know that there are entire blogs dedicated to each of these things but eh, I've got a bit of an attention problem and also, I can only deal with so much structure. An entire blog about me losing weight would get tedious - "Lo, I can either be skinny and sad or fat and happy!". All about fashion - "Look, I'm wearing leggings and boots, how original and iconic." And just media? "Disco never died, it just took up residence in my heart." So, I figure if I pepper all these various sentiments over the blog throughout the week, it would be more interesting.

So, without further ado: Pretty things I like!


Ready for originality? I just bought these beauties.

[Image from Zappos.com]

In case there isn't enough detail in the photo for ya, those are tall black Hunter boots. So, even in these lean times of saving dollars for going to Australia (3 weeks from today!), I laid down $125 for rain/snow boots. And I have to say, the first time that I got to try them out, even though it was just a small drizzle, I was super happy to have the protection. And because they are lined, I'm pumped for winter - a horrible place to be at the beginning of the summer. Not only because of the boots but also because I'm always. warm.

As an aside, good time to say that I'm always super super warm, bordering on hot. Seriously, I wear sundresses when it is 60 degrees out. Tank tops and flip flops once it is 50. I only break down and wear gloves if I'm biking or outside in windy weather for more than 5 minutes. All of this is to say that I'm looking forward to cooler weather not only to lower my core temperature but also to try out my new purchase. Because I'm just the type of person to buy expensive seasonally inappropriate stuff.


James McAlister said...

Did you know I haven't been able to look at gold leggings with anything approaching my normal emotional detachment since The Incident?

tatiana said...

a) They were gold footless tights.
b) I stand by my decision to leap up on a table to bid a greader friend goodbye.