25 January 2010

Life List, Part 1

We all have those life lists, kicking around in the back of our minds. I figure no better time than now to start putting these ideas down.

1. Get my driver's license.
2. Live abroad again - a few months, years, ex-pat it up, anything.
3. Own multiple pairs of glasses at the same time so I can choose my specs based on how I feel in the morning.
4. Throw out all my mismatched hangers and buy those slim velvet ones.
5. Improve my posture.
6. Eat more local and healthy (for me and the planet) food.
7. Go on Jeopardy!
8. Have dolmades in Greece.
9. Be in a play again.
10. Buy my own place.
11. Unlock the Spanish I know is trapped in my mind.
12. Learn how to darn a sock.
13. Go to Ireland to see where my dad's family is from.
14. Build and sustain a greenhouse.
15. Have more cut and potted flowers and plants in my house.
16. Learn how to can food.
17. Sing Queen at a karaoke bar.

An awkward place to stop but I don't want it to get too forced. Updates as I see fit.


daintee said...

It is also my life goal to go on Jeopardy!! However, as best as I know, us Canadians are "not allowed" ...

A silly irony, if you ask me, considering Alex Trebek is Canadian!!

tatiana said...

Wha? No Canadians on Jeopardy!? That makes zero sense. I'll gladly do some sort of green card marriage so that you can sneak on.