13 January 2010


So, 2010 so far has been kinda meh. Sure, there have been some fun times but last week at work, I was crazy busy getting back on track after holiday break and feeling really drained. Then the weekend came and due to big nights, my Saturday was pretty much a waste. I mean, I did watch 10 episodes of Secret Life of an American Teenager but I didn't move for several hours or shower or see anyone from the outside world, so I'm going to mark it as a lost day.


Something changed today. One of my coworkers is going to be out of town next week, meaning I will be running a weekly meeting we have with consultants. I love agendas and order and being the timekeeper and making sure things get done. And I get to do that next week.

Then, I wasn't invited to a meeting later in the day that I needed to be at. And I invited myself to it and ended up moving things along and decisions were made based on things that I said and things I did.

One thing about my job: I've only been in my position for a few months, but I've been in the office for over a year and a half. My previous title was Office Coordinator, and while it has helped me that in my previous position I worked with everyone in the office, it was certainly a support position and I still get the feeling that people forget about my new job and still think of me as the part time person who orders paper. Like forgetting to invite me to important meetings.

So, this just gets me fired up. And added to my previous boost of hosting a meeting, I just got a shot of "damn, you a sexy bitch!" Try to find a word to describe that isn't disrespectful. No but seriously, it was just like I wanted to smack the Tatiana of the past week and a half into shape and tell her she's the bomb.

Whoa, this post is kinda all over the place. That's what happens when you start writing a post during Modern Family and finish it during Three Sheets.

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