19 January 2010


- I'm 99% sure that I'm willing to buy what will be one of my most expensive pairs of shoes but I don't want to buy them online without trying them on first. I need to find a brick and mortar storefront.
Karel, shut up. I know you hate them.

- I remember her story on FAO Scwharz from a long time ago but rediscovering her today has been tops. If I ever make it up to New York, I will have to find her. Not in a creepy, stalker way but in a fan of her self-deprecating humor kinda way.

- I know that many people have already given to help out Haiti, and I'm impressed with the American Red Cross's text giving campaign, though mostly from a way to use social media to mobilize people than as a way to help people in need. I'm not going to slight anyone who gives and is trying to help, but I recommend checking charities out on charitynavigator.org before giving. The American Red Cross only gets three (out of four) stars. I chose Doctors Without Borders, because in addition to getting four out of four stars, they are taking down an inflatable hospital. Moon bounce healing FTW.


karel said...

where are you hiding that you saw me visibly cringe when i saw those hideous abominations?!

... at least you'll be giving a poor kid a pair of shoes. although i hope they don't look like that, too. :p

love you!

tatiana said...

Haha, I figured if I liked them so much, you must hate them! Besides, you like in Portland now and are all organic, I thought you would appreciate Toms.

Alice said...

I have some Tom's but they are way cuter than those. http://www.tomsshoes.com/ProductDetails.aspx?CategoryID=7&productID=58#pageTop

tatiana said...

Sorry, lady, but I prefer my plaid over burlap any day.