23 May 2009

Things I've Bought Recently That've Made Me Feel Good

A haircut. It has been a year in the making, but look- the bangs!
Luck ring from South Moon Under. Totally copied my little sister on it, but I could use all the luck I can get.My fancy brown flip flops have been on their last legs for quite some time, so I figured it was high time to replace. Again, South Moon Under FTW.

Yup, I that girl who buys the same piece of clothing in multiple colors. But I don't care because IT HAS A BIRD SILHOUETTE. I had to take down the 11 swallow decals today, so I figure two shirts is an equal trade. My new place will still have the three penguins, three cranes, and one condor, so I'm not totally birdless.

What I Did Not Buy Because It Was A Bit Too Pricey But Am Sorely Regretting And Will Be Checking Back At The Store In A Week And See If They Will Sell It To Me For Less
Yes, that is a gold beaded mini dress with an open back. And if you ask "But where could you where such a thing?", I say , "EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY."

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