22 May 2009

i can haz updates!?!11?

So, the end of April through the end of May almost killed me and it just may still. I basically got back from Australia, went to a four day conference in Philly, finished up school, graduated with my master's, found a new place to live, and will be moving on Sunday. So yeah, to say that this time in my life has been a bit busy is an understatement. I've been dying to be able to sit down and pump you all full of the fun thing I've been doing and thinking but when I get home from work/internship/other city, all I want to do is watch so much TV that my butt falls asleep.

But! my trip to Australia provides me with a more than legit reason to post on my work blog, so that will certainly have to happen soon.

Oh and PS, maybe the reason I've been slow to blog? I'm obsessed with Google reader and often comment on the things I share there. Seriously, go get a reader.

Also, my museum blog is back up and running. Because I'm so good at keeping on top of the three blogs I write for now. It is very museum centric, so I'm tempted to say it will be boring to those of you not in the biz, but come on, I'm hilarious and I can make exhibition development exciting to EVERYONE!

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