25 May 2009

Extremely Important Poll

Which Natty Boh shirt should I get?

Pro Orange
- I don't have an Orioles shirt and unless I have a strong affinity for a player, I like sports shirts that don't have players names on the back. I like to feel I'm supporting the whole team. I now wish I had gotten a Red Soxs Edgar Renteria shirt, but that's a whole other ball of wax.
- With the orange shirt, it is good for the entire baseball season.

Anti Orange
- I miss the little curl.
- Would only really be suitable at baseball games or other Baltimore pride events.
- I think I will still kinda want something with the old school Orioles smiling cartoon bird on it.

Pro Green
- Um, hello? MARYLAND FLAG. SHAMROCK. I could proudly display my regional and familial heritage while proclaiming my taste in cheap beer.
- Green goes with so many more things.
- Have I said MD flag? Because it counts twice.
- Good transition from my green miniskirt to a more family appropriate St. Patty's Day outfit.

Anti Green
- Really made for just the one day a year.
- While Orioles and Natty Boh are very Baltimore, it can be argued that other cities have a stronger claim to St. Patty's Day. That being said, my Irish family connections are through Charm City.
- MD flag. I get enough flack as it is with all my pro Maryland sentiment. Do I really want to add fuel to that fire?


Anonymous said...

Green is mean, clean, a fashion scream. Go green.

Compiled by Tim..... said...

Green, but hey, that's the Irish side of the family chiming in. Wow, you've got a taste for Natty Boh! That puts a tear in me eye....

tatiana said...

Green by a landslide of two votes! Hope those are tears of joy because the Boh is my beau.

Compiled by Tim..... said...

Joy yes. Many a good memory pf sitting at a table, picking steamed crabs I caught with Pop, watchin' dem O's on tv, while sipping an icy Natty Boh.