11 August 2008

money, money, money

must be funny, in a rich man's world.

so, not only have i recently seen mamma mia!- fantastic! amazing! it will change your life... er, your afternoon! but i also recently discovered something a bit disturbing about my financial situation. in that it is dire. money is always such a FUN and STRESS FREE and not at all UNCOMFORTABLE topic to discuss, so i'm not going to get into to it too much just to say that i'm going to have to seriously reevaluate budget stuff and perhaps get another job. on top of my part time one. on top of my internship. and on top of my fall class.


does your mother know you are out? because if she did, she would probably tell you to go home and save some dough.


Compiled by Tim..... said...

GWU has quite a few part-time positions open. http://www.gwu.jobs

Select Search Positions from the left side menu, then select Part-Time jobs in the right side.

Good luck....

tatiana said...

Thanks, Dad! I'm actually checking out that route now, though I would rather stay at my current job and see if I can bump up my hours or something. *Fingers crossed*