13 August 2008

$$ and smells

so since i had a semi public freakout here on monday, i guess y'all deserve an update. i'm going to be ok, though i should probably scale back on eating and going out. i got the second job and will probably start next week. i'm still working part time so that i can fit in my second internship, starting this fall and into the spring. a huge sigh of relief all around. xanax remains untouched.

thanks to everyone who expressed concern. goes to show how little hardship i've had to actually deal with in my life when a slight hiccup leaves me unmoored. but i didn't cry about it! at all! in public! or even by myself! and to me, that's the most amazing thing of all of this- i just may be learning how to control my emotions and deal with stress appropriately.

except that i only had cottage cheese, soup, and a corn dog to eat on monday because i lose my appetite when stressed. still not the most healthy thing ever.

on a completely unrelated note: does anyone else out there hate the secret commercial for their new flawless deodorant that has 5 signs of awesomeness of something? the one where the annoying bitch keeps on raising her arms around new york? i can't find a clip of it on youtube (probably because it is the pits PUN INTENDED) but i did find these crazy kids reenacting it, so that will have to do.

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