17 August 2008

how i spent my sunday

- lazy morning in bed, trying to make a cat my new best friend. we've gone from i'm not allowed to look at her to she can sit on a chair in the same room to next to me to NAPPING WITH MY KNEES AS A PILLOW. i'm still not allowed to pet her, but slow and steady progress all the same.

- papusas, nachos, and tacos for lunch. muy rico.

- hbo movies on demand, especially weepy ones, are the only way to spend an evening in alone.

- gave in to almost a decade of pressure and looked up information about getting my driver's license. because for those of you who don't know, i am 25 and have never, ever had a license. i took driver's ed when i was 16, have had two permits, but never took a road test. i read the whole manual today and instead of feeling more sure of myself, i'm scared shitless. SCARED. SHITLESS. but i will still be getting my learner's permit soon. and 30 days after that, i can get my license. and continue to never drive, but at least i'll have a form of ID other than my passport.

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