04 November 2012

Day 4: Uff

Man, this is rough! How did I used to do this with any sort of regularity? I should reread my old posts to see what magic is contained within. I'm trying to find some sort of NaBloPoMo writing prompts online to help frame each day, but so far, I'm out of luck. Maybe part of the ease in my former life was that I didn't have to worry too much about public versus private lives, online. Not that I'm leading a great life of mystery, but when they are folks in your life that prefer to not have their entire life (and the parts that overlap with mine) spelled out online, it does severely curtail what I can write about. So, to wrap this up, I'll as for suggestions about how to frame posts and suggestions for websites for writing prompts. Because this may quickly devolve into what I eat each day and unless you are excited to read me eating about dried seaweed, that's gonna get old fast.

1 comment:

Maggie said...

I for one, would read about your dried seaweed consumption with great enthusiasm!

But seriously, I am also resisting the urge to just chronicle my meals (although, for the whole getting healthy thing it might not be a bad idea to hold myself accountable publicly...)

I always enjoyed when you shared favorites from around the interwebs.

Also, I'm here and ready to opine on any internet purchases you plan to make!

And then my last suggestion is to share more about San Francisco. What are your favorite restaurants? Where have you not explored yet?