03 November 2012

Day 3: Bike!

Earlier this week, I reached an important milestone in my life as an adult and as a San Franciscan - I bought my first bike! Because when is a better time to spend $550+ then coming back from a two week vacation and going into the holiday season? But no matter, it is lovely and once I find a tiny enough screwdriver and can put batteries in my new light, I'm pumped to ride to work (gonna take me less than 15 minutes now!) and perhaps ride it over the Golden Gate bridge - there will be photographic evidence of my exercise! Besides a lock, bell, toolkit, and back and front lights, what other bike essentials do I need? I'm already debating the merits of a front v rear basket. Because sweaty backs from bags are not the awesome.

1 comment:

Maggie said...

Good for you!

I think a basket or bag of some sort is a good idea. Are you changing your clothes at work? That's always been one thing that held me back - being sweaty/disheveled upon arrival.