08 March 2009

Reflections on a trip to the grocery store

- There are several posters outside of Safeway advertising the availability of shingles shots. With my *fantastic* eye sight and keen observation skills, I thought is said SINGLES shot. And I thought, well that seems a bit harsh, now doesn't it? Isn't it hard enough to be single to now dodge bullets?

- Only three cashier lines open? Really? That doesn't seem smart, does it, Safeway?

- If you see me eating out over the next few weeks, please, shame me. For I have a ton of food at home. That I should be eating. Instead of buying new food.

- I need new music on my iPod.

- God, I love spring.

- I'm glad they aren't shooting singles.


Diana said...

3 lines open on a Sunday? Clearly they are not Wegmans. :)

tatiana said...

Ugh, I know! What I wouldn't give to be able to walk to a Wegmans. Mmmm cookies.