29 March 2009

Hello again... and good bye again

Howdy! Whew, it has been way way way too long. But it has been for good reason. Since we've talked last, I've had a second interview for a real job in exhibits, took my comps, was in charge of my office while most people were out of the office, celebrated St. Patrick's Day, and more.

And oh the stress. THE STRESS. I'm waiting to hear back from the job. It is in Baltimore, so if I get it, I will have to move pretty much right after graduation. And even if I don't get it, I'll be moving from my current place anyway. Apartment searches are one of my least favorite things ever so I'm not looking forward to May anyway, but the added stress of the job hunt is getting to be too much. I do know that I passed my comps, so that's one less thing to worry about.

I plan on doing a whole lot of no worrying while I'm in Australia. I leave on Thursday and will be gone until the 19 April, which again means that I won't be writing terribly much for the next month. I may be updating here and there, hopefully with some photos, but I can't promise anything- I will be on the beach afterall.

But stay tuned anyway- hopefully I'll have good news regarding the job/apt front!

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