21 December 2008

Perfect late fall day

I can complain a lot. Yes, yes, I'll wait for the snickering to die down. But it is true- I often complaining comically but the complaining is still there.

But not today.

Today was the perfect fall day. I slept in, I showered, I walked to Georgetown to see a friend at work and have some quiche and Christmas cookies. I had two cups of tea and bought edamame. I exchanged Christmas gifts with my lovely roommates. I cooked chicken and rice for dinner. We watched funny TV. A roommate looked over a cover letter to a job I'm OBSESSED with getting. I'm now sitting, snuggled in my bed, watching TV online and thinking of all the lovely sleep I'll be getting when I go to bed early.

Today was a good day. And there isn't too much funny about it, but I'll get humor out of frustration some other time.

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