13 December 2008


Because I like to occupy my mind with worries suitable to several months in the future, I've been thinking about where I'll be living after graduation and my lease is up. It is pretty clear that I will be moving- probably to the city proper, though I'm not 100% sure- and I was thinking that it might be time for me to live alone. I never have- always roommates, parents, a boyfriend- and perhaps a 26 year old woman should learn some independence. Also, I like to hang out in my underwear.

But then I have fantastic giggly nights with my roommates, laughing over stupid slips of tounge, ridiculous television, just life. And I wonder- do I really want to live alone? Do I want to give up all these random good times?

Should I perhaps first tackle taking a shower today?


Rudesby said...

I think about this ALL THE TIME. I've never lived alone either, and I worry that I'd become some sort of recluse and never talk to anyone ever again if I didn't have anyone else living with me.

tatiana said...

The recluse bit doesn't worry me too much because I know I would just get a lot of animals. You know, because THAT isn't a stereotype or anything.