24 July 2008

aren't i a little tease?

so, i start posting again, only to fall off the face of the blog planet. i know, i'm the epitome of going back on my word.

but i don't know if you know this. summer classes- TIME CONSUMING! i'm going to the beach this weekend (hazzah!) so i had to work doubly hard the past week and a half to get ahead on my reading, finish my first assignment, and complete a take home quiz. all worth it to fell the sun on my pale pale belly. because i will not be hiding my tummy light under a one piece- oh no, it will be like a great beacon, calling one and all down to the shore.

but besides the unveiling of the great white for the first time this summer- seriously, what is the world coming to when i haven't been (outside) in a bathing suit until the end of july!- i promise that i've got some good posts abrewing. including a photo essay of my day with a 18 inch sandwich.

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