12 July 2008

1812, you are the death of me

hi, have we met? i'm tatiana and i'm skittish. loud noises often cause me to yelp. sudden movements make me cringe. if you tickle me, odds are i will react with both noise and movement.

so why did i think that going to see the 1812 overture WITH LIVE CANNON (effects) would be a good idea?

perhaps it was because it was preceded by selections from the nutcracker. ah, how i love the nutcracker. i was a mouse. and a toy solider, too i think. i have parts of the nutcracker on my ipod and i rarely skip through it. le sigh.

now, i'm not saying that i'm sad i went. or even that i didn't leave early. i enjoy the 1812 as much as the next person (well, perhaps not as much as my friend diana, but she's crazy). but seriously- LIVE CANNONS. not something i need to experience again.


Karen said...

Try being on the stage while it is happening, that makes the experience oh so enjoyable. Glad to see you are blogging again!!!

une petite chose said...

CANNONS ARE SWEET!!!! love the cannon

karel said...

um, that was my sneaky boyfriend stealing my computer and illegally pretending to be me.