28 September 2009

Odd Sleep Patterns

So I've been awake for over an hour and instead of fretfully trying to fall back asleep, I figured I would use this time to write a cover letter for a job I'm already doing but don't officially have... yet. I hope.

Fall is here but in true DC fashion, the lovely temperate days are mixed in with some extra summer temps that September just can't seem to shake. I'm all for sundresses, but for just a little bit, I would like to wear them with boots instead of flip flops, kthxbi.

When I moved to my new place (have to pass grocery store on way home) about a month and a half ago, I figured my home cooking rate would shoot through the roof. It has not. I also have to walk past an empanda joint. These things may or may not be related.

It is time for a fall haircut but can't decide whether I should go side swept bangs that are probs totes better for my face shape or straight across because I didn't get to enjoy them enough before sweltering summer.

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